Отделки: дуб серый

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Подпись Фернандо Гарофоли для исторической коллекции дверей из массивного дерева с немеркнущим очарованием.

Great visual impact for Grain, the ultimate collection by Gidea. The hallmark of the collection is in fact the extraordinary effect given by thenew three dimensional laminates.  Looking in detail you can notice the perfect correspondance between the low relief texture and the wood grain. A result that «makes a difference» offering an innovative combination of charm and uniqueness.Contemporary style and strong character are combined with sophisticated mechanics — from pivot hinges (or flush-mounted hinges when requested) to magnetic locks — and accessories with a minimalist yet striking design. The fact that the mountings and frame have flush internal faces highlights its style, making Grain a fascinating piece of furniture.